Why ‘Where’Matters:
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“This book is both a technology primer and a fascinating source of analysis of advanced applications of geo-information. It should be read by anyone who wants or needs to understand the sweeping implications for individuals, governments, and business of the modern use of geographically based information.”

John Manley,
P.C., O.C., President and Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Council of Chief Executives, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada

“A timely and important contribution to the geomatics literature by two experienced and well respected professionals. The book provides a comprehensive overview of current geospatial technologies, data sources and applications; and effectively addresses a number of important policy issues. It is highly recommended as an introductory text for both policy makers and professionals seeking further insight into the opportunities afforded by the intelligent application of geomatics technologies.”

Dr. John McLaughlin,
Professor and President Emeritus, University of New Brunswick

“Why ‘Where’ Matters” is a fascinating analysis and synthesis showing how scientists and practitioners are using imagination and research to build new strategies for policy and action to secure our economic and environmental future. This is an engaging, important book about the cutting edge of geospatial technology and knowledge and how it provides a foundation for the emerging GeoEconomy through geo-renewal and planning. This book will challenge and stimulate readers to think big about space and place, about maps, location, and geography.”

Dr. Steven E. Franklin,
President and Vice-Chancellor, Trent University

Why ‘Where’ Matters: A Publication about Geography and Geospatial Information.

This new book is written for everyone who wants to become or remain successful in the new economic era, which is driven by and dependent on geospatial or geographic information. The book uses clear language and ample illustrations to describe how we got to where we are and provides a simple but accurate introduction to the major geospatial technologies being used today. It identifies the key geospatial technologies users need to know, what they can do, and how individuals, business, and government will profit from them as they increasingly power our future economic well-being.

- Spatial Data Infrastructure News - Vol. 5, No. 3; August 2010

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