Chapter Outlines

  1. 1.Introduction to the GeoEconomy: The GeoEconomy is the new economy driven by, and dependent on, geospatial or geographic information – information linked to a location.

  2. 2.Geospatial Knowledge: Key to Survival introduces the concept of geographic or geospatial knowledge. It covers the history of the use of geographic information, using some well known examples and some that may be somewhat more obscure – and thus perhaps more interesting.

3. Now! provides information on and descriptions of the major geospatial technologies, the sort
    of data we have access to, and how (and why) the need for geographic information is increasing.

  1. 4.Convergence and Societal Impacts of Geographic Information in the GeoEconomy: Today draws together information on a number of converging technologies, policies, and disciplines that influence geo-spatial technologies (and data). Key impacts of geospatial data on our society and our environment are identified.

  2. 5.Future Societal and Environmental Trends Driving the Need for Geo-information Use and Technologies introduces the primary future issues faced by our economy, our environment and our society – however that environment and society may be defined and no matter where they are located. The importance of geographic information leaps off the pages when these issues are clearly linked to geo-information.

  3. 6.Gaining the Geo-advantage identifies how the individual, communities, companies, and countries can and should benefit from the intelligent use of geospatial or geographic information. Diverse examples illustrate approaches that have been successful in applying geospatial information and technologies in business, government and by individuals worldwide.

  4. 7.Conclusion: the reasons for the successes – and failures – in almost everything we do – from environmental protection to our economic decisions – are directly tied to how well we use geospatial or geographic information. Those who understand the GeoEconomy and how to use geospatial data and technologies will have the Geo-advantage. They will no longer have to rely on Geo-luck.

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