This book is written for the individual, the business person, communities and for governments (politicians and bureaucrats) everywhere who want to become or remain successful in the new economic era that we have just entered which is driven by and dependent on geospatial or geographic information. This book uses clear language and ample illustrations to describe how we got to where we are and provides a simple but accurate introduction to the major geospatial technologies being used today.

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Those who understand how to use the new geospatial technologies gain a significant competitive advantage as they replace Geo-luck with Geo-advantage. This book identifies the key geospatial technologies you need to know, what they can do, and how individuals, business, and government will profit from them as they increasingly power our future economic well-being. It closes with advice on how these technologies can be applied to the benefit of the reader, no matter who – or where – that reader may be.

Almost 400 pages

richly illustrated and

thoroughly referenced:

132 colour and 26 B&W images,

maps and photographs

Over 90 references

285 explanatory end notes

Comprehensive index

Why ‘Where’ Matters: a publishing milestone in geography

and the use of geospatial information.